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Selecting the Best Auto Paint for Your Car

Selecting the Best Auto Paint for Your Car

Selecting the best auto paint for your car can pose more of a challenge than you may expect. All paint types are not the same and it's in your best interest to conduct research on the paint types that are available.

Learning the Basics

The more you know, the better you can judge what you need and how much you need. First, you need to find an auto body shop that can paint your vehicle. It will benefit you and your vehicle if they possess knowledge regarding custom auto paint. They can give you tips and maintenance advice regarding your custom auto paint. When you know the basics of paint, you are on the right path to selecting the perfect paint color for your vehicle. Automotive paint is made up of three key components, such as the binder, carrier agent and pigment.

Urethane and enamel are responsible for polymers that formulate resin within the paint. Resins consist of three key factors, such as enamel, urethane and lacquer. Urethane and enamel options are factors that not only determine the price but the durability of paint and its appearance.

Selecting Auto Paint

Choosing Your Color

Now that you know the basics of paint, you can get to the fun part: choosing your color! When you are ready to select a color for your vehicle, you may have a lot of different thoughts running through your mind. A custom paint job means you can let your creativity run wild and create a masterpiece. A lot of people want a custom paint job because they want a color for their vehicle not too many people have. When you are ready to choose the paint color for your vehicle, think about what you want. Keep in mind certain colors, such as red, can increase your insurance premium. Some vehicle paint colors are more expensive than others. If you are on a budget, these are a few facts you should keep in mind.


The appearance is up to you. You may want to keep the original vehicle color but spruce it up a bit. You may want a glossy paint finish or something that's not so attention-grabbing. According to your needs and wants, there are many different paint options available. To ensure you are completely satisfied with the color of paint you choose, you may want to ask an expert for their opinion. They will help you weigh the pros and cons of each option and help you make your final decision. A custom paint expert can give you ideas of how your vehicle will look once the paint job is complete. Make your vehicle your own by getting a custom paint job.