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Unique Light Accessories To Make Your Vehicle Stand Out!

Unique Light Accessories To Make Your Vehicle Stand Out!

Every driver wants a vehicle that is unique and special. So how do you make your vehicle stand out from the rest? How do you give it that style and pizazz you crave? One way can make your vehicle turn heads is by adding under glow lighting.

Under Glow Lighting Systems 

It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out why your vehicle needs headlights and taillights. Vehicle lights improve safety and visibility, especially at night. Special lighting won't add anything to the safety of your car, but it will add special effects and give you a chance to express your sense of style.

Neon and LED lighting systems are the most common lights to use to bring out the accent of a newly painted vehicle or to enhance its overall appearance. Most lighting effects are available from the vehicle manufacturer or from auto detailers. In general, lighting props are easy to install, so you could opt for a simple installation at home. But if you're going for custom design lighting systems, you will definitely need to use a professional.

Lighting Vehicles the Right Way

Our custom auto body shop technicians can install special lighting on any area of your vehicle. They can also enhance any previous lighting effects you already have in place. Lighting accents set your vehicle apart from other vehicles on the road and create a sensational “WOW” effect that is irresistible.

To make your vehicle lighting system great, you can choose from five unique bulbs to get started:

  • Halogen
  • CCFL
  • Neon
  • LED
  • Xenon

Most detailers will use LED and neon lights for the underbody of your car. Although the installation process for these lighting systems are different, both give off a glowing, yet powerful burst of energy. LED lights glow lighter, brighter and longer than neon lights, and they are installed in any configurable manner. Neon lights, however, are installed underneath the vehicle.

Custom Lighting Options

Interior and Exterior Lighting Effects

To trick out the inside of your vehicle, try installing interior lights underneath the dashboard. The effect will add a smooth, soft glowing to both the passenger and driver floorboards. The same colors and effects can accompany the exterior of the vehicle as well.

Since both Neon and LED lights come in a variety of configurable sizes, you can even place a small strip of lighting on the side mirrors and across the chrome on the doors. Be creative and install a third light if you want; the possibilities are endless. 

Specialty Lighting for Brakes and Tail Lights

In addition to adding style to your vehicle, you can also add safety to the list. You can configure your LED lights to synchronize with your turn signals and brake system. LED lights glows much quicker than standard lights, which will allow drivers to react much sooner when the brakes are utilized.

Other Lighting Systems to Think About

Grille inserts, LED dayliners and Euro lights are other lighting alternatives to consider when tricking out your vehicle. Grille lights usually compliment daytime running lights and are noticeable on larger vehicles such as vans, trucks and SUVs.

LED dayliners are strips of lighting that run along the headlights in the evenings or during daylight hours. The wiring of these lights runs directly into the running lights, and their installation process is different from the Euro lights.

The lenses of Euro lights are transparent rather than factory installed colored lenses. The exterior of the lights is usually black or chrome with visions of yellow or red. The color combination allows you to customize a look and design that compliments both the interior and exterior of your vehicle.

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