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When to Get a Custom Paint Job For Your Car

When to Get a Custom Paint Job For Your Car

You work hard for your money, chances are you spend a fair amount of time in your car/truck driving back and forth to work, to the grocery store, basically any place you need or want to go. So why not go in style? With a custom paint job, 3rd Kind Customz can make your car or truck look brand new again.  

Whether you're simply looking to update your car's look or need to get it back in shape after an accident, 3rd Kind Customz can help you out. Keep reading for some suggestions on when you might want to get a paint job. 


If your vehicle has been in an accident chances are the paint is going to be ruined. At the very least it's going to be chipped and it will look unattractive and allow rust to eventually develop. This is a good time to have a custom auto paint job done. Your car will already be at the auto body shop for collision repair, so you might as well treat your car or truck to a nice custom paint job in the color of your choice.


Nature and its many elements can wreak havoc on your car or truck. Have you ever tried cleaning tree sap off your car? It can be tough to do without scratching up the paint. What about bird droppings? When left too long the acid in the droppings can eat away at your car's paint. 

Even the sun can fade the paint on your car or truck, and eventually the areas of faded paint where the sun hits most often will be a noticeably different color than the rest of the paint.

Road Debris Can Damage Your Paint Job

Road Debris

You can inadvertently damage your vehicle paint by driving over road debris such as stones, gravel and other small objects. As they fly around, they can create pings, dings and even small dents that ruin your paint job and decrease the value of your car or truck.

Selling Time 

If you want to sell your car or truck, a custom auto paint job may just do the trick. While you have your vehicle at the auto body shop, have them do any collision repair that might be needed like bang out the small dents or any cosmetic repairs to make the car look even better.

Choose a Promotional Deal

3rd Kind Customz offers special promotional deals. You can get 20 percent off all custom paint jobs or take advantage of our layaway paint job option. However, you can only take advantage of one offer — these offers cannot be combined. Contact us today to schedule your custom auto paint job.