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How to Pick the Right Car Restoration Shop

How to Pick the Right Car Restoration Shop

It’s important to find the right auto body shop when you are looking to restore your classic car. You may not have the tools or the talents to handle a classic car restoration on your own, so you want to ensure you bring it to the shop who can do right by your car. So how do you choose a shop? 

Do Your Homework 

It’s important to do some research to compare a few of the auto body shops in your area. You can talk to people at car shows to see who they recommend and then make a trip to a few of the shops to see the technicians in action. Find out if they are treating the cars with the highest level of care. You also should look for cleanliness. Are there spare parts lying around? Is there a lot of grease? Ensure the shop is clean and orderly as it is a sign of respect for the cars that are inside the garage.

Your research should also include asking about documentation. Find out what checklists are in place to ensure the shop is capable of the level of detail that you want. There should also be a warranty in place to ensure there isn’t going to be any premature failure of the paint or the body work.

A classic car restoration is not something you want to take lightly. See if the shop has a system to avoid contamination of dirt, water, oil and other items, particularly during the body and paint work. Ask about the years of experience that the technicians have. Then, you can get a quote for the work and compare costs with the shops that are capable of doing the work at the level you require for your restoration.

Before Picking a Restoration Shop, Take a Look Through Their Portfolio

Look at Their Work 

One of the most important things to do when looking for a body shop to work on your classic car is to see what they have done in the past. By looking through the portfolio, you can find out what their technicians are capable of. Ask for some before and after photos to see just how the attention to detail is. 

Check Their Reputation

The reputation of the custom body shop is important as well. You want to find out if people are happy with the company and whether they are well respected in the community. 3rd Kind Customz has been a member of the community for many years, and we have earned the respect of car owners. Our outstanding reputation should give you the confidence to bring your classic car into our shop knowing we are going to treat it as if it were our own.

Whether your car has water damage, needs collision repair, custom painting or a full restoration, our certified technicians are prepared to work with you to ensure it is in tip-top shape by the time you drive it out of our garage.

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