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We Patented a New Custom Color — Space Galaxy Black

We Patented a New Custom Color — Space Galaxy Black

It’s easy to feel confident driving down the road when you have a great custom paint job on your car or truck. At 3rd Kind Customz, we have an amazing new color called Space Galaxy Black, which you can have added to any vehicle of your choosing. You can even combine it with other colors for a hot two-tone look.

Custom Auto Paint

When you decide you want custom auto paint, it is important to choose something that really speaks to you. Color combos may also be used, which can include something that is neutral and primary or any other combination of colors that play well off each other.

You may not even know exactly what you want — and that’s why it can be advantageous to talk to our staff at 3rd Kind Customz. We have been in the business a while and can make recommendations based on your personality and what kind of car you drive around town. When you come into the auto body shop for custom auto paint, be sure that you choose a color that’s going to draw attention to the car.

You can only find Space Galaxy Black at 3rd Kind Customz

Our Unique Colors

We have colors that are going to help you get your car noticed on the road. Space Galaxy Black is an amazing shade that we recently patented. It might sound crazy, but colors can, in fact, be patented, which gives credit to the company who came up with that specific shade. Ultimately, it means that if you love Space Galaxy Black, you’re only going to find it with us.

We didn’t want you to be able to come in and get the same color as just any other paint shop and that’s why we went the extra step to create a unique color. And we're not stopping there. We're in the process of doing it again with Burple. It helps to give you something different.

Getting Your Car Painted

When you stop into 3rd Kind Customz, you will soon find out that we are not a standard auto body shop. We provide custom paint jobs and our certified technicians can work on your car to ensure that it looks its best. ASE certified technicians will ensure that everything is on the up and up and provide warranties on all of the work as well.

Whether you want to explore Space Galaxy Black or any other color, call and talk to us today. We are running a promotion where you can receive 25 percent all work, so schedule your custom paint job today.

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