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Avoid a Classic Car Catastrophe: Leave Restoration to the Pros

Avoid a Classic Car Catastrophe: Leave Restoration to the Pros

You've done it. You purchased the classic car of your dreams. The only problem is that your classic car is more of a classic mess, at least for right now. While there are hundreds of movies glorifying fathers, sons and daughters working together and bonding over their classic car restoration project, the reality is that this type of auto body repair takes some serious skill. If you don't do it right, it can have a huge impact on the value of your vehicle.

What Type of Restoration are You After?

When you have a classic car, most of the time you'll be interested in restoring it to a state where you can see its former glory, but you don't necessarily want to make it museum-quality. Street-show quality restoration entails getting your classic car into full working condition, which includes repair of all major cosmetic problems. 

You'll need to decide up front which way you're going to go with your car. Do you just want it to look nice, or do you want to drive it? Certainly if you're trying to get your classic car back on the road you will want to trust the restoration to a professional as it will require a good deal of mechanical work. But even if you're just trying to spiff it up a bit, the slightest misstep can result in a lower resale value. 

How Much Time Do You Have? 

Working on a classic car with an eye toward in-depth restoration comes at a high price of personal time and may also impact how long it will be before you have full use of your vehicle. If your car is not drivable, how long will it take you to first learn what is wrong with it, learn how to fix it and then do the actual fix? 

Many of the repairs your classic car needs can be more in-depth than they appear on the surface.

Americans are incredibly busy, so finding the time to get everything accomplished can really eat into the time you were hoping to be off hitting the road with your shiny "new" classic car. Many of the repairs can be more in-depth than they appear on the surface, and asking a professional auto body shop may be the only way to get a full picture. 

Where Should You Take Your Car?

Having an auto body shop do the work for you solves all kinds of problems — the painting alone could leave you with nightmarish results if you attempt it in your home garage. Working with an auto body repair shop like 3rd Kind Customz allows you to choose your perfect paint color and have it completed almost before you realize the car is gone. 

Plus, we have the experience needed to restore your classic car. We've worked on a number of classic cars over the years, and we always put in the extra time and care these cars need. You can trust that when you drop your classic car off at our shop, we're going to do the job right. 

Once you do decide to work with an auto body repair shop, you will want to stay in close contact to make sure that the repairs are being completed according to your instructions. This could include everything from how small dents are being filled or how rust is dealt with, to whether or not the classic color that you selected for your vehicle is being applied. A reputable auto body shop will not be bothered by you dropping by or calling to check in on your vehicle, so feel free to do so anytime you have concerns. 

When you're ready to start a classic car restoration project, call the auto body shop that even the Houston police department trusts for its bodywork: 3rd Kind Customz. You can rest assured that your vehicle will be well taken care of and you will enjoy some of the best customer service in the business! 

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