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Custom Auto Paint and More: Create a Vision for Your Vehicle

Custom Auto Paint and More: Create a Vision for Your Vehicle

Making your ride look fly is something that everyone is interested in, but having the techniques and training to do it right requires precision and a commitment to excellence. Sure, anyone can whip out a can of spray paint and add some racing stripes, but it takes a true artist to transform a slick metal surface into a thing of beauty. At 3rd Kind Customz auto body shop, we specialize in making your design dreams come true no matter how far they are out in the universe!

Custom Paint

Car manufacturers play it safe with a variety of different things, making them work for mainstream consumers. What if you don't like blah brown, or boring blue? When you need the perfect shade of sea green to really make your ride stand out, want to black out your truck or motorcycle, or add racing stripes to your hot rod, 3rd Kind Customz can help you create a design that will get you noticed no matter where you are headed. You can even match the interior of your vehicle to your custom auto paint. See behind the scenes on this sweet sea foam green job here.

Custom paint job

Custom LED

Everything is better with lights, and that certainly holds true for our custom LED lighting designs! But simply adding lights under your vehicle is so yesterday. Today, you can highlight design elements anywhere on your vehicle with the colorful glow of LED lights. What used to be a luxury element, Halo lights, HID and LED lights are making heads turn across the world. See one of our recent LED projects here.

Custom Rims

Our staff works closely with you to be sure we're getting you just the look that you need for your rims. Want to match, or compliment, your custom paint job? No problem! We will find a durable paint option that will really pull together the look of your vehicle. Check out this set of customized rims we did recently. Paint is certainly not the only way to customize your rims. We also offer a variety of styles and different options to choose from. The only limit is your imagination!

Custom Interiors

After-market seat covers can look pretty cheesy, especially when you're sliding around on your seats. Not the seat covers from 3rd Kind Customz, however! Our seat covers are professionally installed and look amazing. We can install high-quality leather seats to add a touch of class and durability to your vehicle, or create a custom style that will set off the exterior modifications that we've created together. See a photo of a rocking black quilted seat treatment here.

At 3rd Kind Customz, we specialize in turning every vehicle that comes into our shop into a one-of-a-kind showpiece. Check out some of our recent blog posts for inspiration for your ride!