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Maintenance Tips for an Immaculate Car Interior

Maintenance Tips for an Immaculate Car Interior

It seems people focus more on the way a car's exterior looks than anything else. Drive through any Houston neighborhood and you will see someone's hand washing and waxing their car, maybe adding a little tire shine. But for those who really want to impress, the interior of the car is where it's at. Imagine going on a date with stains and fast food wrappers littering the floorboard. If the inside of your car looks like a trash can, you can go ahead and plan on not getting a second date or even a returned phone call for that matter. 

If you are going to go through all of the trouble of making the outside of your car shine, you might as well take the extra few minutes to make the interior match.


The simplest and most obvious place to start is vacuuming. Even if you are a neat freak, dust, dirt and all kinds of messes are going to find their way onto your floorboards and into the nooks and crannies of your dash and seats. First, purchase a can of compressed air and blow out the cracks in the plastic or leather of your dash, seats and doors. This will loosen everything up to make sure you can vacuum thoroughly. 

Then, vacuum everything starting with the seats, doors and dash while working your way down. This ensures that any new dirt that comes from areas higher up will work their way down so you can get them off the floorboard. Go back over all of those nooks and crannies we talked about just to be extra thorough. Then vacuum the floorboard thoroughly.

graphic:   Even if you are a neat freak, dust, dirt and all kinds of messes are going to find their way onto your floorboards and into the nooks and crannies of your dash and seats.


If you have stains, start by going to the store and having someone recommend a good brand of stain remover and cleaners for your interior. Use the cleaner as directed, and make sure you get one that is appropriate for the type of interior you have — fabric, carpet and leather. All three will require different types of chemicals. Home carpet stain remover often works well on plain carpet floorboards. For fabric interiors, a spot stain remover can do wonders.

Leather is extremely important to maintain and take care of. You must use a special leather cleaner and conditioner for your leather interior. The conditioner is imperative, as over time leather seats will crack in the sun. Also, consider window tinting and shades if your park in the sun a lot. This will extend the life of your leather interior by years. 


We all have things we must keep in our cars depending on what we do for a living or whether or not we have kids, etc. Invest in some organizers to keep things neat and tidy. You can even DIY a mini trash receptacle to keep in your car. This will keep the fast food wrappers off of the floor and make throwing away trash from your vehicle much easier.

If you have questions about car interior maintenance or need work done on your interior, call 3rd Kind Customz today at 281-495-1352. Our team is highly experienced in maintaining and upgrading car interiors, and we would be happy to hook your car up. 

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